African Global Lessons In Success Training (LIST) conference Takes Place In Nigeria For The First Time

From November 16 to Saturday, November 17, 2018, the African global Lessons In Success Training (L.I.S.T.) conference will take place in Nigeria for the first time.

The conference is scheduled to hold in Lagos. The L.I.S.T. tour will be the first-ever business workshop designed by African-Americans for Nigeria. The panellists and speakers boast of expertise in business development, branding, economics, fashion and psychology with decades of experience in their respective fields; hence, the Conference will offer vital keys to exponential growth in business and enterprise. This is not just an opportunity for networking with like-minded visionaries, but also a chance to be equipped with inspiring nuggets for business dominance.

The global L.I.S.T. Tour is one of the most anticipated business workshops for established and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking worthwhile profit in their businesses. It will bring together leading experienced and skilled instructors who will provide professional insights and hands-on training in the areas of Business Strategy, Sales Marketing, and the Fashion Industry.

Organised by renowned production and customer culture expert, LaTonya Washington, the conference will host distinguished panellists and speakers who possess finesse in their craft as business leaders, inventors, investors, physicians and policymakers. Washington, accompanied by a team of resourceful leaders at the forefront of business innovation in the United States, is a prominent figure of talent in the professional community in America. As CEO of LW Special Events Management LLC, The Customer Culture and the founder of L.I.S.T.; she has dedicated years to the empowerment of entrepreneurs to take their businesses to new heights through this platform.

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