AfroAsia Week UK 2015 – “Not Just A Minority”

by Rachel Ogbu

AfroAsia Week UK is a Non Profit Organisation working to improve community cohesion, social integration and celebrate African and Asian heritage.

This year we will hold a special 2 day event to showcase foods, fashion, business, culture and traditions of individuals in Great Britain who are of African or Asian Heritage encouraging social cohesion, togetherness, unity and community togetherness in a fun family oriented way

We invite you to join us in our special mission by participating in our special red carpet event from 14th August to 16th August 2015.

NOMINATING: Nominate your peers, friends and family for their work in the public, private and leisure sector. Entries close soon, and winners are decided by public vote.

EXHIBIT: Exhibit, showcase, sell and sign up visitors for your goods or services in an all day late evening luxury setting with an in house cafe bar.

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