Antonio Writes -“They say black lives matter, I ask to whom?”

Antonio Writes
Wo to this agony
Wo to this head
I’m alive
But I feel dead
Wo to this dispair
Wo to this sorrow
I wish for a
Better tomorrow
Wo to this loneliness
Wo to this pain
I’ve lost everything
Nothing to gain
I’m walking down this road again
Can someone explain
The bombings in Iraq, Bangladesh is coming down like rain.
Yet when Paris was bombed we felt its pain.
Je Sui Paris, we all said, some even shed a few tears. Black people have been killed in poverty and enslaved down the years. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war Shakespears. Another black person is shot dead, oops we did it again Britney Spears.
Time to stop singing and start swinging Malcolm X.
They say black lives matter. I ask to whom?
To the white person in the room when he hears an Islamic boom.

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