Black lives matter

Karrar Antonio Writes: Black lives matter to whom? Part One

Black lives matter, to whom?

Do I scare you? Are you getting scared? -Well, don’t be. 

“This is the world in which we live in destruction and killing. The poor are chilling and the rich are fat billing…”

Today is the 11th of July 2016, White America got its Independents Day on the 4th of July 1776.It’ss the only independence date that 90% of the world population know off. I’m one of those 90%, to be honest I don’t even know the date of independence of my own country, Iraq. There is a simple reason for that- most prominent is that I love my Hollywood movies,Ii even wanted to be an actor.

When few white people died in Paris the whole world said “Je Sui Paris.” When few black people died they said it was because the white people where protecting themselves. And you’ll hardly find anything about that on social media. The “White” Barack Obama even said at the time that it wasn’t just an attack on white Paris but it was an attack on white America as well but when a 100+ black people die, he only says- “we need to reform the gun legislations.”

A lot of people are saying it’s not a race thing, but it so is.

Can someone explain to me why when a white person dies the whole world comes to a standstill, every sporting event will hold a 1-minute silence. But those black people got killed and 250 Iraqis and those kids that got blown up but no one pays them any attention. The white ruling elite stood by and saw ten thousand Muslims in Kosovo killed and did nothing, no Je Sui Kosovo or anything. The white ruling elite stood by when over 1 million black people where killed in the biggest genocied of the human history in Rawanda, no Je Sui Rawanda. Yet we are reminded every day and we get taught in schools what happend to the jewish in the second world war. In some countries it is seen as as a criminal offence to deny the holocust. So when you say its not a racist world I say look again and have a very good look at Syria.

Do I scare you? Are you getting scared?
A brief histroy, the white America got its independence from the White UK. The white America was “tired” of the white UK ruling them. While them, the white America was ruling, occuping, killing raping, stealing the wealth, the lives, the freedom of the indigince people of America, the native Indians.
Think what thou wilt not even Hollywood could write a script like that.

The “independece” of white America from the white UK, is like the son, i.e America has grown up and is ready to move out of his father’s house, i.e, the UK.  It comes no surprise to me that in Westminister they have statues of Washington, Benjamin etc… i.e, the founding fathers of white America.

It is said that the “sun never set of the British empire” because they had conqured every corner of the earth. So the son has continued in his father’s footsteps and even surpassed him, the son has done something all the empires before him dreamed of achiveing and that’s conquring the world. Indeed, the son came, he saw and he conqured. But this occupation is not a military one, we are part if this occupation, we want it, its a visible yet hidden occupation and that is the occupation of the mind. No greater of control is then the control of the way people think, eat, sleep, say etc… and I dont even have to prove it to you. One just needs to take a quick glance at Facebook Insta, Twitter, TV, to understand what I’m talking about.

To be Continued…

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He’s always been misunderstood ever since his childhood

From war to war nothing good.

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