Boko Haram: UN is ‘not needed in fight against terrorists’

Ekpeno John

According to Nigeria’s National Security team, Nigeria does not need the help of the United Nations or African Union Troops to tackle Boko Haram. This statement was made cleared during a BBC interview.

Sambo Dasuki wh is the National Secirity Advicer, Nigeria, and its neighbors Niger, Chad and Cameroon, were in a “good shape to address the issue” of the Islamist insurgency.He acknowledged the militants were a “real security threat” and said that close to 50% of Nigeria’s army was now deployed to the north-east.

Boko Haram took up arms in 2009.It says it is fighting to create an Islamic state.Since the government declared a state of emergency 20 months ago in three north-eastern states to deal with the insurgency, the group has strengthened and now controls several towns, where it has declared a caliphate.The militants gained worldwide notoriety after kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls in April last year – who have yet to be rescued.


Photo Credit:bbc

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