by Femi Tunde Okunlola Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former Iranian president became the subject of controversy after announcing his intention to run for office in April, 2017; for the third time. The former president had previously run two terms in office. What seems to have being a baffling move to the western world has become a […]

100 Days Of Trump: Trump’s Brilliant Money Making Schemes As Potus

by Ezinne Ajoku Trump is unlike most American presidents. He came into the White House as a successful real estate giant. He joins a miserly line up of 6 American presidents out of 45 to bring business credentials to the White House. They are: Warren Harding (elected 1920), Newspaper publisher Herbert Hoover (elected 1928): Mining […]


by Rachel Ogbu It was the first standing ovation of the day, the final talk of the evening, it suddenly strikes me how far away from the “real” reality most of us are. Scanning the latest news on my phone every day didn’t capture a fraction of what was actually going on in Africa- on the […]

Black lives matter

Karrar Antonio Writes: Black lives matter to whom? Part Two

Black lives matter …To whom Read Part One HERE History has taught nothing to be surprised about, as long as the white rulling elite, bankers are in power these events will continue. On January the 1st 1863 Lincoln abolished slavery. But it wasn’t until the 11th of April 1968 when President Johnson signed the civil right […]

Black lives matter

Karrar Antonio Writes: Black lives matter to whom? Part One

Black lives matter, to whom? Do I scare you? Are you getting scared? -Well, don’t be.  “This is the world in which we live in destruction and killing. The poor are chilling and the rich are fat billing…” Today is the 11th of July 2016, White America got its Independents Day on the 4th of […]

Antonio Writes -“They say black lives matter, I ask to whom?”

Antonio Writes Wo to this agony Wo to this head I’m alive But I feel dead Wo to this dispair Wo to this sorrow I wish for a Better tomorrow Wo to this loneliness Wo to this pain I’ve lost everything Nothing to gain I’m walking down this road again Can someone explain The bombings […]

Opinion: What Africa can learn from Goodluck Jonathan

From the time of King Pharaoh of Egypt to Queen Sheeba of Ethiopia; from Anwar Sadat to Edward Akufo-Addo of Ghana; from King Chaka (c 1788-1828) founder of the Zulu Empire to Uthman Shehu Danfodio, from El-Kanemi Sheikh Muhammad El-Amin (c 1779 – 1835) of Borno to the founder of the Swazis kingdom King Sobhuza […]

Adedayo Ademuwagun: 4 ways to practise bullsh_t-ivism on Twitter

by Adedayo Ademuwagun Bullshit-ivism is probably a new word to most people but the phenomenon is certainly not new. It’s a form of activism that’s especially prevalent on social media these days. A lot of people on Twitter portray themselves as activists and try to muster a following by tweeting stuff that resonates with the […]

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