Opinion: What Africa can learn from Goodluck Jonathan

From the time of King Pharaoh of Egypt to Queen Sheeba of Ethiopia; from Anwar Sadat to Edward Akufo-Addo of Ghana; from King Chaka (c 1788-1828) founder of the Zulu Empire to Uthman Shehu Danfodio, from El-Kanemi Sheikh Muhammad El-Amin (c 1779 – 1835) of Borno to the founder of the Swazis kingdom King Sobhuza […]

Is’haq Kawu: Chibok girls abduction is a sore on our conscience

by Is’haq Kawu Didn’t another Uruguayan remind us the other day, that love is the only permissible addiction? Try it for a change! On the first anniversary of the abduction of the 219 Chibok Girls, this week, the whole world returned to a troubled conscience. Troubled, that 365 days after, those young girls still haven’t […]

YNaija Editorial: This government points it’s fingers too much

As is globally and generally accepted, the government is responsible for running all the affairs of a nation and the fallout of any of its actions or inaction as that is the core of governance.But this has not been the case with the government in Nigeria as the government has chosen to be responsible only […]