Sierra Leone confirms first Ebola outbreak

by Lola Adams

Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) say five people have died in Sierra Leone’s first confirmed outbreak of Ebola virus. This implies a new expansion of the disease which regional officials said had been brought under control. Prior to this outbreak, several suspected cases of Ebola were recorded in Sierra Leone earlier on in the West African outbreak, but they later tested negative for the disease. Read more about Sierra Leone confirms first Ebola outbreak

From the West to the North, Unoma Azuah visits 9 African countries to tell a daunting story (Part 2)

by Unoma Azuah   Thankfully, my travel companion knew of a cozy affordable hotel where we could spend the night. It was heaven:  a hot meal, a shower after three days of no bath and a bed at last. While we quickly savored these luxuries P-Square’s “Yoli Yoli,” wafted through our open window. Who would’ve known […]

From the West to the North, Unoma Azuah visits 9 African countries to tell a daunting story (Part 1)

by Unoma Azuah   From West Africa to North Africa by Bus (itinerary): Lagos to Accra, Accra to Ouagadougou, Ouagadougou to Bobodoulassa, Bobodoulassa to Siakasso, Siakasso to Bamako, Bamako to Nouakchott, Nouakchott to Noudhbou. Timeline: 6th July—depart Lagos at 7am 6th July —–arrive Accra at 10pm (Ghana) 9th July—–depart Accra at 2pm 10th July—–arrive Ouagadougou […]

One week in Lagos- A diary ( From the magazine- Issue 10)

by Elnathan John ”I am paying and the girl in the black hijab appears again, stares again, this time with a smile.” Tuesday. Off to Lagos. Two meetings and some hustling. As always I will go out of my way to drink in Lagos. My excitement is embarrassing sometimes. On the plane. About to disembark. Naija guy […]

Tolu Ogunlesi: Around Europe on a shoe-string ( From the magazine- Issue 3)

by Tolu Ogunlesi “Travelling across 10 European cities in two-and-half weeks on a budget screaming ‘modest!’, the author returned home with a fistful of tales.” How did I end up in Europe in the first place? I’d been invited to Berlin by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt(House Of World Cultures), to participate in  month […]