One week in Lagos- A diary ( From the magazine- Issue 10)

by Elnathan John ”I am paying and the girl in the black hijab appears again, stares again, this time with a smile.” Tuesday. Off to Lagos. Two meetings and some hustling. As always I will go out of my way to drink in Lagos. My excitement is embarrassing sometimes. On the plane. About to disembark. Naija guy […]

Tolu Ogunlesi: Around Europe on a shoe-string ( From the magazine- Issue 3)

by Tolu Ogunlesi “Travelling across 10 European cities in two-and-half weeks on a budget screaming ‘modest!’, the author returned home with a fistful of tales.” How did I end up in Europe in the first place? I’d been invited to Berlin by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt(House Of World Cultures), to participate in  month […]