TRENDING: #OAUstories Is Vibing On Twitter, What’s Yours?

by Rachel Ogbu Students of the federal university Obafemi Awolowo University based in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria have relocated to twitter for now. Well in a social media protest, the students and some members of the alumni are using the hashtag #OAUstories to share experiences studying in the renowned institutions which has been ranked as the best university in Nigeria. […]

TRENDING: Epic #YorubaBoys hashtag causes a frenzy on Twitter

by Rachel Ogbu Men from the Yoruba speaking tribe in Nigeria have always been an entertaining bunch especially when it comes to how the ladies judge the majority on relationship standards. For some reason, the debate picked up again and today, #YorubaBoys is officially trending on social media -no doubt the guys are getting a lot of attention, […]

TRENDING: More than 150 people sign petition- “Justice for Sugabelly! Stop the culture of rape and silence in Nigeria”

An ongoing petition to the Nigerian Ministry of Justice has attracted more than 150 supporters. Set up by Juliette Brown, the petition shows support for alleged rape victim, artist/blogger Lotanna Igwe-Odunze aka Sugabelly. On the website, the petition titled “Justice for Sugabelly! Stop the culture of rape and silence in Nigeria” the facilitator advocates an end […]

TRENDING: “Dark Skin” Selfies Have Gone Viral To Promote Self Love

by Rachel Ogbu #IWillNotApologizeForBeingDarkSkin is now trending on social media people. What do you think? So here are a group of people pushing the Revolutionary Pro-Melanin Movement forward by uploading their selfies. Some people are calling it the pro-melanin social media movement and basically the idea came from  23-year-old college student Alicia Daniella, encouraging people who identified […]