“Containing Women In A Box That Gives No Hope, No Voice Or Empowerment MUST To Be Eliminated”- Sally Chiwuzie

by Rachel Ogbu

Author of Silent Symphonies and founder of the #Unshakable Movement, Sally Chiwuzie was at the UN Headquarters in New York recently during the United Nations My Sister’s Health Watch (MSHW) stakeholders forum- “Leave No Woman’s Health Issues Behind.” Bringing herself forward as a subject matter expert on promoting the everyday woman’s holistic wellbeing, Chiwuzie delivered a heartfelt speech urging the government and civil society to work together in making sure more women are able to live healthy and quality lives .

“Today, I am backing the voice of influential Nigerian women like Oluremi Tinubu and Dr Abiola Akinyode, who are actively voicing these issues because it needs to be highlighted that since 1999, there has been a fixed 0.01% allocation of overall budget for women. What can =N=4billion or $20.1million do for our women, girls and children? Sadly, not much…” This set off a chain of reactions that were addressed by a forum of influential women, including Omolewa Ahmed, founder LEAH Foundation, Natela Menabde Executive Director of WHO and Her Excellency Dame Cécile La Grenade, Governor General of Grenada

At the forum, various budgets were discussed and the consensus was that not enough was being done to protect women from healthcare issues globally. A lot has to be done to ensure that the 3A’s of SDG3  – accessibility, affordability, affordability. The solutions by various women called for a reform of the budget, allocation and definitely about the improvement of awareness. The MSHW went on to pledge work that will  target young adults, students and children and work with school, colleges, civil societies and NGOs to strengthen the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, narcotic drugs and harmful use of alcohol. MSHW will establish  MSHW Clubs in schools to educate, raise campaigns and work with drug companies and alcohol industries to raise discussions, empowerment programmes through creative education and entertainment in the next five years.

“We need a call to action to promote healthy living lifestyles – exercising and good diet; self-actualisation and realisation. In agreeing with our guest of honour, Alhaja J Al-Hassan (aka Mama Taraba), the issue of women’s health is to some degree a human rights issue which needs to be addressed with urgency. Domestic violence – emotional, physical, mental abuse, gender based violence are an ‘absolutely not!’ Discrimination on the grounds of sex and societies ability to contain today’s woman in a box that gives her no hope, no voice or empowerment needs to be eliminated,” Chiwuzie’s speech read.

“Your excellences’, distinguished guests, my name is Sally Chiwuzie and I am unshakable. This means that I understand that the ultimate accountability for my wellbeing lies with me. Through the power of story telling, I hope that we can take our metaphoric lit candle and tilt forward to light the next, in the understanding that it all begins with ‘self-love.’” (Read the complete speech delivered at www.sallychiwuzie.com)

Ms Chiwuzie, recently awarded a stakeholders position at MSHW is a highly recognised motivational speaker on social media and daily has presented to thousands on topics such as mental health, strategies on handling your fast-paced life, the roots of Adult Happiness and other pertinent family and health issues.  Her approachable and artistic style combines her expertise as a law graduate with her uncanny understanding of human nature.  unnamed-6

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