Desperate Housewives Africa episode 2 recap

by Clifford Orji

Never watched the American version of this thing so this is my first introduction to the Desperate Housewives world. I’ll be honest, I wiki’d the entire first season before last night’s episode so I think I know what’s going on. In fact, I missed but the first half of this episode so you guys are just going to deal.

In first episode, the “wives” find a note that might have led their friend to suicide and this episode pretty much picks up from there.

I’m pretty sure Rume’s husband has everything to do with her suicide. In one scene, he is acting super weird with Tari, then tries to flip into a “Rume was selfish for leaving us” thing. Dude is unbelievably dodgy and that bit with him dumping something into the sea (a body?) is very suspicious.

Sidenote: the VP-Grass ads on this show are absolutely terrible.

Also, that nosy old lady really needs to leave people’s property alone. She needs to go snoop around Rume’s husband. He’s the dodgy one. Anyway, looks like she’s figured out Tari burnt Rhetta’s house. Awkward.

The De Souza’s marriage is on the rocks. Mrs. De Souza’s looks like her life is falling apart proper. Thankfully, their marriage counsellor isn’t as clueless as Mr. De Souza and finally helps him see a little reason. Anybody else notice how terrible the voice dubs on this show are. At points, it sounds like a terrible anime dub and that’s very bad.

Desperate Housewives Africa

Funke is so fine. I just want to save her from her naughty children. At the Desperate Housewives Africa pre-screening, Mo Abudu talked about having Nigerian elements infused on the show. Funke’s koboko must be what she’s talking about. I like how her kids acted all brand new when they saw the thing. “Mummy, what is that?” COME ON! What Nigerian child doesn’t know what koboko is? Stop telling lies, DHWA.

Meanwhile, Tari keeps taking losses in her battle with Rhetta over their handsome neighbor, Larry. First, Rhetta beat her to the house, then she brought up her divorce. Looked like a flawless victory until Tari’s kid innocently brought up Rhetta’s dirt. Unfortunately, Rhetta brought out her “I can cook” guns and ended that. Tari needs to eat some humble pie and call it a day. Sexy neighbour came over to apologize though, but she firmly in the friend zone.

Larry is another dodgy one on the show. What’s with the gun hidden in the cabinet? I’ll put good money on the fact he’s not who he says who he is and it probably has everything to do with dead Rume’s husband.

Oh well, until next week.

Desperate Housewives Africa airs every Thursday at  9 PM on EbonyLife TV (DStv 165).

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