A Disgraceful End For South Africa’s Jacob Zuma


As a surprise to everyone, and yet a surprise to no one, Jacob Zuma, the embattled president of the Republic of South Africa, publicly announced his resignation on the 14th of February 2018, marking a tenure that was marred by over 660 separate corruption allegations. For South Africans this was the perfect Valentine’s Day present, Zuma had overstayed his welcome.

They chose to love their country and ditch Zuma. His fall was a prophecy foretold but like a man destined to fail, he failed to listen to the voice of reason. Zuma got corrupted with power and he used the power the presidency afforded him irresponsibly. Long before the death of the late Nelson Mandela there was apprehension and feeling of resentment towards Zuma from South Africans and his party the African National Congress (ANC).

There were series of protests from the organised labour and his arch rival the Julius Malema-led Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were at his throat throughout his tenure. The inadequacies of Zuma were many, chief of which was the high level of corruption being perpetrated by him and his cronies. While the citizens were begging for development, he spent millions of dollars to acquire a mansion for himself among other questionable deeds.

Despite the fact that Zuma had the opportunity of being trained by the best brains in South Africa’s politics including but not limited to Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki among others, he chose instead to ignore the example of his forebearers but rather chose to mimic the corrupt practice of other African dictators. His failures reached a crescendo when he was removed as the leader of the ANC and replaced by his deputy Cyril Ramphosa.

After Mugabe’s resignation, Zuma should have prepared himself, but he didn’t and it has cost him, massively.

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