Exhibition: Patterns Of Migration By Dan Halter

by Rachel Ogbu

Following his successful outing of The Map is Not the Territory (2015) and ‘The Original is Unfaithful to the Translation’ , Zimbabwean artist Dan Halter presents, Patterns Of Migration
Found plastic-weave bags, custom-made tartan fabric, mannequin legs and Adidas ZX Flux CLOT

Now showing at WHATIFTHEWORLD (Foreign Bodies) which highlights the issues of national identity and belonging.

Dec. 5th, 2015 – Jan. 23rd, 2016, Cape Town

The exhibition text reads: “The first [interpretation] calls to mind the figure of the migrant entering “local” space – a stranger in a strange land – and the second suggests an intruding parasite that triggers an immune reaction in a body made suddenly strange to itself. Each is foreign only inasmuch as they penetrate an already porous frontier, and that frontier is at best merely an idea of difference: the border is, after all, a site where otherness is not just held at bay but actively constructed. Without borders between skin and world, indigenous and foreign, how would we know where “we” end and the rest begins?”

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