Isossy Children charm critics at London Fashion Week 2017

By Rachel Ogbu

We were transported to the Summer and a life of celebration, of colour, vivacity and fashion at London Fashion Week 2017 when Isossy Children took on the runway – the world was immediately reminded of the beauty of inclusion.

“After doing NYFW last year we wanted to put London Fashion Week for kids on the global scene as well. It’s time!!” – says Amanda Rabor, Founder of Isossy Children. The brand which creates culturally infused collections for kids, delivered a powerful yet timely message of modern heritage in high end fashion. The label showcased its new AW17 collection ‘Passion and Play’. The collection is for boys and girls aged 2- 12 years and it explores textiles and textures mixing. With leather and feathers, velvet and velour, chiffon and lace, scuba and neoprene combined into a warm blend of deep colours it is a collection of tactile wonderment. It is playful and deeply expressive as it embodies true modern heritage.Isossy Children has harnessed the skill of reinventing and refreshing its collections into a global fashion brand for kids that inspires the confidence, individuality and self-belief of children growing up and living in our diverse world. At a time when diversity has become a buzzword and real cultural diversity is causing tension on a global level, Isossy Children wants children to know that global unity is possible.

Through their ‘I Am Possible’ campaign featuring kids from all backgrounds one young girl expresses her feelings about Isossy Children. “I immediately fell in love with the clothes. They are comfortable, fun, fashionable but more than anything I love how they are more than just clothes! Isossy Children connects you with the whole world! Isossy Children celebrates bringing girls together and celebrating their differences at the same time, and that is what I’m all about!” – Samantha Buggle, Isossy Children “I Am Possible” Ambassador.

With ‘Passion and Play’ Isossy Children has designed and created two new textiles which strengthen the vision of global unity. The first textile is inspired by intertwined feathers, as a symbol of the threads and ropes that bind us together. The second was created as a complimentary graphic African textile and is a foundational piece. Amanda loves designing her own textiles now as it brings cohesiveness to the collections.

“The brand shared 15 looks at the show featuring a host of child modelling sensations. We loved teaming up with Looks Like Me Model agency and a host of UK based kids on the move like Farouk James and Amazing Arabella.

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