John Bodega fights mechanised foes in Pacific Rim Uprising (Watch Trailer)

by Rachel Ogbu

Nigerian-British Star Wars star, John Boyega is starring in another mega production as the new trailer of Pacific Rim Uprising is released.

Boyega, 25, plays the role of Jake Pentecost and the trailer opens as his adopted sister Mako Mori [Rinko Kikuchi] tells him that his late father Stacker Pentecost wanted him to become a Jaeger pilot.

He goes on to team up with Scott Eastwood and together they fight mechanised enemies and Kaiju. Both Boyega and Eastwood represent the next generation of Jaeger pilots.

The first Pacific Rim which featured Idris Elba was directed by Guillermo del Toro, 53, and earned $411 million at the global box office.

It would be something if Boyega’s sequel Pacific Rim Uprising – directed by Steven S. DeKnight will beat the original record.

Pacific Rim Uprising is due out on March 23. is due out on March 23.

Watch Trailer

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