#KnowYourContinent: Meet Niger, West Africa’s Uranium republic

by Toyosi Yusuff

Today, we are taking a trip to the republic of Niger …

The Republic of Niger also called Republique du Niger in French is located in West Africa.

The official language is French with a population of 17.16 million according to the 2012 population census.

On August 3, 1960, Niger became an independent country from the French. The capital of Niger is Niamey and also its largest city. The country code is +227.

The President is Mahamadou Issoufou.

The people of Niger are referred to as Nigeriens. Just like Nigeria, Niger got its name from the River Niger.

Their motto is; Fraternity, Work and Progress- Fraternite, Travail, Progres (French)


Even though she’s in West Africa, Niger is also bordered by countries in other parts of Africa. In the north are Algeria and Libya, South- Nigeria and Benin, West- Burkina Faso and Mali and in the East is Chad.

Niger’s economy is based largely on subsistence crops, livestock, and some of the world’s largest uranium deposits. Drought cycles, desertification , a 3.4% population growth rate and the drop in world demand for uranium have undercut an already marginal economy. Traditional subsistence farming, herding, small trading, and informal markets dominate an economy that generates few formal sector jobs.

In case you intend taking a trip to Niger, their currency is West African CFA franc.


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