Libyan shipwreck kills 36, 40 persons missing

by Farid Abbas

Authorities in Libya have reported an accident involving a makeshift boat carrying over a hundred immigrants off the coast of Libya. The boat capsized roughly 4 km off of Libya’s eastern coastal town of Garabulli, killing dozens of people. Rescue teams are still searching for survivors in the water, over 40 people are believed to be missing.

”At least 36 immigrants drowned in the Mediterranean when their boat sank not far from Libya’s eastern coast”, according to the Libyan government on Sunday. Maritime authorities were able to rescue some of the passengers on board.

“We were able to save 52 people of various nationalities,”Ayub Kassem, a Libyan colonel, said.

In recent times, there has been a severe increase in the number of immigrants disembarking from the North African coast seeking to reach the EU, where they hope to meet greener pastures. Political instability, social unrest and civil wars in countries like Libya has contributed to this problem. Following this, the number of immigrant deaths at sea have also increased.

Several shipwrecks off of the southern Italian Island of Lampedusa since 2013 have occupied EU leaders, who are considering changes to the 28-member bloc’s migration policies.


Post Author: Y! Editor