Maths Teacher Charlotte Francis Creates Dolls To Give Little Black Girls The Courage To Be The Boss


Maths teacher turned entrepreneur, Charlotte Francis recently released her new Dolls Brand; “Biankha and Friends”.

by Rachel Ogbu

Encouraged, inspired and influenced by her time educating and mentoring young women, France launched her own range of dolls here in the UK which celebrate the beauty of Black women.

The idea was conceived in 2016 when her daughter, Cali (aka mini CEO), came home upset one day and asked for “straight, yellow hair” after falling out of love with her own natural hair.

This spurred Charlotte into action and she immediately started searching for a doll that looked like her daughter on the high street but could not find a single Black doll. The only dolls she found were online from America and were often either too expensive or had expensive shipping fees.

And that was how “Biankha and Friends” doll range was born to serve as “Play role models” for little girls who can be anything that they set their minds to be whether they want to be CEOs or they want to go from being princesses to queens.

“Biankha and friends” was created to empower, motivate and inspire young girls of colour, to excel in the 21st century.

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