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The #Metoo Movement Is Getting Its Own Documentary Series

Some of the more profound questions that have been asked with the emergence of the #MeToo movement is this: What will happen now? Yes, powerful and influential men have fallen regarding sexual misconduct and assault but is this all one big faddish thing that will fizzle out with time? Are we prepared to continuously do the work?

The #MeToo hashtag has transcended beyond social media, trickling into fashion as seen at this year’s Golden Globes and also fodder for water-cooler conversations. But now the movement is getting its own documentary series. Titled #MeToo, Now What?, the series will consider what is next for our culture now that we have finally and publicly zoned in on the sheer scale of sexual abuse across different industries.

According to Deadline, the five-part series will interview both men and women who have suffered from sexual harassment, hosted by author and executive editor Zainab Salbi. Each half-hour episode will focus on a particular aspect of sexual harassment, with survivors weighing in on how they have been affected. Covering gender discrimination, harassment in the workplace, how race and class are woven into the conversation and the impact of pop culture on how women are treated. The docu-series will premiere on February 2 on PBS.

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