Michael Olafusi: How to get that dream job (From the Magazine)

by Michael Olafusi


Job hunting in Nigeria is never an easy task, let alone obtaining that dream job. Is it possible; you just need to know the right steps to take?

Be Ready

Make sure your CV and your personality reflects your strengths and qualities. As much as possible, get your CV done or looked over by a professional. You may also need to be qualified for this job, which may require registering for some professional course and sitting exams. When you do get called for an interview. Do not forget to dress for the Job that you want, not the one you have.

Be Persistent

A lot of times, people complain about close relatives not assisting them in securing their dream job and some give up after the first rejection. This is not the right attitude to have to get your dream job and some give up too fast after the first rejection. This is not the right attitude to have. To get your dream job, you must be persistent. In the cooperate world, you don’t count your losses. You don’t stop because one or two people disappointed you or focus your efforts on a few people or opportunities. Instead you have to push yourself forward and keep your ears and eyes open for opportunities.

Be Informed

The Internet and the world of social media present a wide range of tools and opportunities to help you get your dream job. So go online and get registered to receive job alerts from jib sites in like Jobberman, Naijahotjobs, and NgCarrers.com. You will also need to create a desirable, attractive and professional social media profile, most likely on LinkedIn, join professional communities online like InterNations.org, which could greatly increase your chances of being informed about hidden jobs you won’t see in newspaper or jobsites. Most few foreign companies in Nigeria source for candidates in these closed group communities.

Be Creative

You need to stand out from the crowd. Just be professional about it. For example, you can make an online resume CV and share with various people, using Snap pages or by registering for Facebook Ads and advertise yourself with a compelling “Hire Me” advert. Linked to your online resume page and instruct Facebook to show ads to only people working in specific companies. You can also do the same thing on LinkedIn to target senior managers of the companies that you like. Using Google, search for all the senior executives of the companies you want to join. Read the results up to the 10th page and notice the executives that are members of clubs like rotary, toastmasters and other not to expensive-to-join-clubs.

If you are able to get the emails or mail address of some of these executives, great. Write a compelling mail detailing the value you can add to the company. Send the email at around 7am on a Monday morning or use DHL for a printed mail. This has once gotten me the attention of the CEO of a telecoms company and landed me a VIP interview session.

Be Consistent

Once again, don’t count your disappointments. Do not give up. Keep updating your CV. Keep reading through job sites and keep interacting on business communities online. Apply for relevant job openings as they become available and remain optimistic.

Be the Best

Be the best you can be- whether you are working for free somewhere or stuck in a job you hate. As long as you are still there, give your best. Sometimes, your dream job is the job you already have and you only need time to reveal it. And even if it’s never going to be your dream job, your excellent work ethic and performance always open future doors for you.

So as the French will say, bon chance. All the best in getting you dream job.



Photograph: Baruch Cuny



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