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Is There Too Much Immigration in the UK? Watch Africans in London answer the question –

immigration in the UKImmigration in the UK has taken centre-stage, especially as the country debates the European Referendum. So BattaBox wanted to find out what people from Africa – who either their parents or themselves have immigrated to the UK – think of the debate.

“I think we’re better off for immigration – the country feels richer,” says one man.

“I think at the moment there is just chaos,” says one woman.

At least half of the immigration into the UK comes from outside the EU, including many countries in Africa, such as Nigeria and Eritrea across the Sahara, Libya and the Mediterranean.

Arguments over immigration, particularly from UKIP and the elements of the Conservative political parties argue that immigrants take jobs and drive down prices, but not everyone agrees:

“I wasn’t born in the UK and I know my parents didn’t come here to sit on benefits and take money out of the system,” says one young girl.

However, whatever the debate, almost everyone agreed that perspectives in the UK have changed against immigrants.

“You hear so many people say immigrants are taking our jobs – it’s getting dark, cold,” says one young guy.

“It’s got worse because people assume immigrants are taking all the housing and jobs, but that’s not the case.”

What do you think? Is there too much immigration in the UK?

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