In line to make Nigeria a favoured destination for foreign direct investment, organisers of the Nigeria Diaspora Festival have announced plans towards the inaugural edition of its festival of ideas, innovation and enterprise as synonymous with the national identity.

They are putting together activities to promote Nigeria as the biggest trade, tourism, and investment destination in sub-Saharan Africa. These and many other subjects will form the basis of the Nigeria investment summit and business forum in London this October which will feature political leaders from Nigeria, international corporations and multilateral organisations, technocrats, senior policymakers, economic experts, prominent business executives, professionals and the Nigeria Diaspora community amongst a host of other relevant stakeholders from the public and private sector will converge to discuss Nigeria’s economic potentials, her opportunities and growth trajectory and will encourage a dynamic, stimulating discussion of Nigeria’s social, political and economic future.

One of the key thrusts of the Nigeria Diaspora summit and business forum will be to initiate policies and regulations that create an enabling environment that will facilitate the full participation and contribution of the Nigerian Diaspora to national development. This initiative aims to recognise the importance of mobilising and engaging Nigerians in the Diaspora as strategic partners to be involved in national cohesion and economic growth as the need to engage the Nigerian Diaspora community was based on the recognition of the huge human capital and resources of the diaspora as a major contributor to national development. This initiative seeks to commit itself to ways in which Diaspora contribution to Nigeria translates to an enhancement of Diaspora life. With this in mind, the Nigeria Diaspora Festival will be held in London for its inaugural edition and will project Nigeria’s economic potential and investment opportunities to a sought after audience.

The investment summit and business forum is part of the three days festival which will also feature the Nigeria Food Fest (Taste of Nigeria), Nigeria Diaspora Awards, Nigeria Diaspora Exhibition, Nigeria Diaspora Arts & Cultural Carnival, Nigeria Independence Concert Nigeria Fashion Show London (Nigeria on the runway), which is to promote the Arts, creative and Fashion industry in Nigeria and by extension promotes Nigeria’s culture and tradition. The festival serves to further strengthen ties between Nigeria and the host country, the United Kingdom and will hold in London from October 5 – 7, 2018.

Organisers of the Festival say; “For many years, Nigerians in the Diaspora have accounted for a fraction of the Nigerian avant-garde, thus introducing various disruptive innovations, exceptional intellectual capital, attaining successes of human endeavors and creative spaces with many other exploits that have broken international boundaries. This initiative lays down the parameters for Nigeria’s engagement with its Diaspora taking into account the internal dynamics of the country as well as the external dynamics of its Diaspora. So, this initiative is a well thought out festival of ideas geared towards the economic, political, social and cultural development of Nigeria. This is as the nation strives to consolidate its reputation in the comity of nations and achieve growth on all fronts. Nigeria Diaspora Festival aims to rebound the nation’s growth & development and that of its Diaspora and will facilitate engagement with the Nigerian Diaspora community to actualise mutual development processes in Nigeria and the Diaspora with the goal to effectively promote and harness the capacity of Nigerians in the Diaspora for socio-political, economic, and cultural machinations.”

Observers say the Nigeria Diaspora Festival will promote trade, investment, and diplomacy aimed at advancing the socio-economic collaborations between Nigeria and the world by developing channels of robust economic ties between Nigeria and the United Kingdom. This remarkable initiative is projected to present experiential means to promote the #ExperienceNigeria narrative and push the boundaries of economic activities via trade, culture, and tourism as well as foster investment cooperation between both countries.

The investment summit and business forum will cover specific sectors of the economy including key thematic areas; The Economy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Technology, Power and Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Ease of Doing Business, the EGRP, Tourism, Economic diversification, the creative industry amongst others and seeks to encourage an intelligent, stimulating discussion on Nigeria.

The Nigeria Diaspora Festival is a private sector-led initiative organised by The Made In Nigeria Project in collaboration with The Nigeria Diaspora Organisation, Nigeria Diaspora Initiative, Nigeria – British Chamber of Commerce, Think Africa as well as other private sector organisations.

For updates and more information; The social Media handles for the Nigeria Diaspora Festival are as follows:

Facebook – Nigeria Diaspora Festival.

Twitter – @NgrDiasporaFestival.

Instagram – @NigeriaDiasporaFestival.



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