Nigeria: FG can’t account for oil money — Fashola

Onimisi Raymond

It is no news that Nigerian politicians are always guilty of mis-managing the nations resources i.e. if they are not swindling it to personal accounts, they are awarding contracts that never get excecuted e.t.c. In light of this, listening to the Lagos State Goververno Bbatunde Raji Fashola say the Federal Government has not managed Nigeria’s oil revenue account is not qute suprising. Even as his Edo State counterpart, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, said Nigerians must vote out the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for failing to provide electricity after 16 years in the saddle.
Speaking at the commissioning of the 8.5km Amedokhian-Ugboha Road in Benin City, Edo State, Fashola said: “We have a national government that is unable to account for money from crude oil that they did not extract. Foreigners are the ones extracting it for them. The price is fixed internationally, the quantity is known, just to add up and tally. They say it is $20 billion that is missing, some say $10 billion. Should one dollar be missing in any responsible government? So, that is why corruption and accountability remain an issue in the next election.
“If a government at the state level that collects one over 96 percent, because what the state gets is what the 36 states and Abuja share, nine percent of the total revenue. And they can do this kind of road and all the red roofs that I have seen, imagine what will happen if you have a president and vice president that cares.”


Photo Credit:dailytimes

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