Nokia 3310 is back and selling in the UK

by Rachel Ogbu

Nokia 3310 remake is back in the market selling at £50 and it’s available in warm red, dark blue, yellow and grey.

 Thin, light and incredibly durable, the Nokia 3310 is a head turning modern twist on one of the best-selling feature phones of all time, a spokesperson for Nokia said.

Boasting an incredible 22-hour talk-time and month long standby, the Nokia 3310’s fresh, colourful, modern design brings it bang up to date. Talk all day, text, take pictures, listen to music, and get hooked once more on the original mobile gaming hit Snake, all on a single charge. With its unparalleled month-long standby time, the Nokia 3310 encompasses everything you knew and loved in a sleek modern polycarbonate casing.

And with inherent colour throughout its body the Nokia 3310 is more vibrant than ever before.”

According to reports, the phone was phased out in 2005 after it sold 126million handsets.Nokia 3310


1996: Motorola StarTAC, one of the first flip phones sold 60 million

1998: Nokia 5110 with its changeable covers is thought to have sold more than 160 million

1999: One of the first phones without an antenna, the Nokia 3210 sold over 160 million units

2000: Sleeker Nokia 3310 with extra features sold more than 126 million handsets

2003: Cheap and durable Nokia 1100 sold more than 250 million units

2004: Nokia’s 2600 offered one of the first set of desktop tools and sold more than 135 million units.

2005: Nokia 110 – popular in developing countries – sold more than 250 million.

2006: Part of the ‘Ultrabasic series’ the Nokia 1600 sold more than 130 units.

2007: With 360 hours of battery life on standby, the Nokia 1200 was snapped up 150 million times.

2008: Apple iPhone 3G: Over 12 million people bought Apple’s second generation iPhone.

2009: Some 35 million people bought the faster follow-up, the 3GS.

2010: Nokia’s 5230 with free amps sold 150 million units.

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