Olusegun Dada: What do Nigerians really want? (From the Magazine)


By Olusegun Dada

What do we really want? What do young Nigerian’s really want? Why are our hearts and minds so messed up? What do we tell our kids (if) when they are born (as the rate of maternal deaths is on the rise)? What do we tell them our role was when Nigeria went from bad to worse? I don’t know if this bothers most people as much as it bothers me. I don’t understand it. I don’t get it.

Ask them for solutions, they will tell you the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is evil. The Alliance for progressive Change (APC) is just another PDP in the making, and a revolution is not what we need in this country. What then do we need? What then is the solution to these myriad of problems?

Let’s go through our options.


The PDP has been in government for 15 years and in that time, it has managed to take over our nation’s condition from fragile to bad to worse. The PDP is everything that is wrong with this country, the constituents of this group is everything, they consist of drug lords, murderer’s, thieves, army generals who have broken all the records ever set for embezzling  public funds and worst of all, ex-convicts, Corruption, Insecurity, Unemployment, Education sector and almost dead, health sector,etc.


The new APC is the conglomerate of the CPC and the ANPP. In the states where the ACN for instance holds sway, they are known for the little or no internal democracy, godfatherism and imposition. Still, is also fascinating to note that some of the governors have done tremendously well if pitied against the PDP governors. They are like the proverbial one eyed man in the land of the blind. The new party comes with a lot of challenges in its baggage. Selecting its candidates for election among a long list of favourites but also tackle problems of party finance, party loyalties and all related complications that will enable them formulate political and policy agendas, select candidates, conduct election campaigns, and monitor the work of their elected representatives.


As much as Nigeria is more than overdue for a revolution, we can’t, our rulers know these things. They know we will never be agreed. They know the “my-criminal-is-better-than-your-syndrome” will make our revolution dead on arrival. They know that though you and i claim to be detribalised, we are not. An Egyptian-style revolution will boil this nation to a state of divide. Our ethnicity will mar our revolution. You know this. I know this. Our rulers and oppressors know this too. They know we hate ourselves. We pretend to be Yoruba brothers but the average Ibadan an feels more superior to the average Oyo or Ogbomosho man. In some states in the middle belt and the South-south, some tribe’s hate themselves so much they don’t even intermarry. We and our oppressors know all this. Even the ones who call for a revolution are the same ones who appropriated 1 billion for the presidents feeding and collect fat salaries and allowances. They know what we need is a peaceful and gradual change. We must be mindful of our unity.  And the anarchy that might result from a revolution.

For the sake of your country, choose carefully what you want. But if you ask me, i will ask you to join a political party today. Don’t be a yes-boy. Be active.


This article was published in Y! Africa magazine issue 14 | 2013


Photograph: Connect Nigeria

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