SA film maker pushed down the stairs by landlord for checking out of Airbnb too late in Amsterdam

Police are investigating an incident in Amsterdam after a man renting out a room in his house via the Airbnb website pushed a lodger down the stairs because she checked out late. He is now charged with attempted manslaughter

South African filmmaker Sibahle Nkumbi was pushed down a flight of stairs on Saturday when she visited Amsterdam for an exhibition from Switzerland where she currently schools. From a viral video shot by her friend, it was obvious she took a really bad blow at the bottom of the stairs. She fainted immediately and only gained consciousness late in the hospital suffering from a concussion and bruises all over her body. You can hear her friends scream in the video as she tumbled down, the landlord can also be heard shouting “Out! Out!”

Now Nkumbi who also goes by the name Steve has spoken in an interview saying his reaction to her late checkout was very racist.

“I remember asking him repeatedly why he was being emotional. I was like, really, we are on the way out. Why are you still being so emotional?” said Nkumbi in an interview posted on YouTube.

Then the man who became verbally abusive said they needed to leave because “this is not Africa”. “Any person of colour who has been a witness of racist attacks will make the connection of the words and will know it when it happens to you,” Nkumbi said in the interview.

‘When I got close enough to him, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to grab me, and the way he grabbed me… I knew that he was gonna throw me down there. The last thing I remember was when I realised he was going to throw me down there. Flying down the stairs, I don’t remember, I passed out and woke up in hospital,” Nkumb recounted.

Nkumbi now says she hopes justice would be served. Already, the AirBnB chief executive, Brian Chesky is reportedly planning to stay in touch with her after the company rebuked the man’s behaviour as going against what AirBnB stood for.


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