Safe Kids: Cece Yara Foundation launches first ever Child Protection Online Directory in Nigeria

THE CECE YARA Foundation, a leading Nigerian NGO focused on protecting children against sexual abuse has launched Safe Kids.

This will be the first Child Protection Online Directory in Nigeria.

This directory will provide easily accessible information to law enforcement agencies, medical services, legal services and shelters. It will also direct parents, teachers and guardians on where to go, who to meet and the processes required in saving children from abusive situations.

Established in 2016, the Foundation seeks to combat the menace of child sexual abuse by providing preventive initiatives, projects and offering immediate, physical, medical, mental, and legal aids to survivors.

The Foundation recorded a landmark victory in its war against child sexual abuse in  Nigeria with the successful apprehending and prosecution of a sexual offender in 2016.

Cece Yara continues to collaborate with government and private agencies in ensuring that the Nigerian Child is safe and justice is served where required.

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