Shots heard at Burkina Faso state TV, staff scramble for safety

by Isi Esene

Soldiers have forcefully dispersed protesters in the Burkina Faso capital, Ouagadogou.

The country’s national Television also went off air temporarily after soldiers reportedly fired shots at it headquarters.

Thousands of demonstrators had hit the streets following a military takeover in the wake of President Blaise Compaore’s resignation last week.

Compaore faced widespread opposition following attempts to amend the constitution to allow him stay longer in power. He had taken over power in a bloody coup which killed the country’s charismatic president, Thomas Sankara in 1987.

Crowds gathered at the state TV headquarters because they believed a popular opposition leader was about to announce that she was willing to lead the transition.

Shortly after, gunfire broke out and both staff and protesters fled.

Compaore is believed to be seeking refuge in Ivory Coast.


[Photo credit: H/T AFP]

Post Author: Y! Editor