Kasope Ladipo-Ajai: The cofoundHER Interview

Kasope Ladipo-Ajai ventured into entrepreneurship because she had the urge to do something more meaningful than the traditional 9-to-5 job. So, in 2012, she started OmoAlata, a Nigerian food service and packaging company that is focused on producing hygienically processed and packaged local Nigerian soups, spices and peppers. OmoAlata Food Services desires to be Nigeria’s […]

Brenda Katwesigye: The cofoundHER Interview

From the day her uncle said he saw her as a creator of software and a manager of her own company, Brenda Katwesigye started working towards being an entrepreneur. A graduate of Telecommunication Engineering from Makerere University, Brenda worked at Orange Uganda, where she gained a lot of interest in Value Added Services. This experience […]

Louisa Kinoshi: The cofoundHER Interview

With the ambition to build the Sephora for Africa, Louisa Kinoshi started BeautyRevNG, a web and mobile based community that helps young African women embrace their beauty, and connects them to their favorite beauty brands in a convenient, affordable and fun way. In her past life as a public relations and social media expert, Louisa […]

Kambili Ofili-Okokwo: The cofoundHER Interview

With a background in engineering, logistics and supply chain management, Kambili Ofili-Okonkwo has always fancied herself an entrepreneur. At fourteen, she made her first attempt at entrepreneurship when she cofounded Generation For Change, a fundraising organisation that raised up to 10 million naira over its three years to support underprivileged children in Nigeria. A graduate […]

Mavis Nduchwa: The cofoundHER Interview

A real estate and hospitality graduate turned TV presenter and now farmer, Mavis Nduchwa has done it all. Mavis’ journey to entrepreneurship goes as far back as when she was in boarding school, where she ordered and sold sweets to fellow students, and helped some students write their essays and letters for a small fee. […]

Tania Attiba: The cofoundHER Interview

Tania Attiba is the founder of Connex’ences and a volunteer at Francophonie. Trained as a personal assistant, she spent the early part of her career helping executives organize their lives. While working as a personal assistant in a TV show production company, Tania had an introspective moment where she realized she was far from her […]

Eleojo Peters: The cofoundHER Interview

An accountant by training, Mrs. Eleojo Rosemary Peters’ career started in the banking industry when she worked at the then Peak Merchant Bank in Lagos. Her role handling operations and exports of agricultural produce on the exports desk helped fuel Eleojo’s passion, and eventually lead to her starting a farm project. Over the years, this […]

Tosin Lawson: The cofoundHER Interview

Tosin Lawson has always had a passion for coming up with new designs, whether it’s a new logo or a new product. A graduate of Product Design and Manufacture from the University of Nottingham Tosin says: Every time I am out with friends or family, I am constantly observing my surroundings and getting new inspiration […]