Kenya gets first 4G Internet services via Safaricom

by Rachel Ogbu Fourth-generation (4G) Internet service has arrived Kenya and it’s there to stay. Safaricom, Kenya’s largest telecoms phone firm in the country is working with the government to use the high-speed broadband network as a medium to increase economic growth to from currently three to 10 percent in 2017. Within the next 36 months, Safaricom’s newly […]

CYBERCULTURE: Safer Internet Day 2015

By Rachel Ogbu On Tuesday, Safer Internet Day 2015 was celebrated (10th February). This year’s celebration being the 12th annual celebration was tagged with the slogan ‘Let’s create a better internet together.’ The UK Safer Internet Centre organised the celebration which saw more than 800 organisations involved in the UK and over a hundred countries participate to help promote the safe, responsible and […]

CYBERCULTURE: “#internet poses one of the greatest threats to our existence”- AU web to be monitored

by Rachel Ogbu Journalists and whistleblowers in Australia could now face up to 10 years’ jail if they are found guilty for disclosing classified information. Courtesy new anti-terrorism bills which are tougher than ever and has powered the domestic spy agency ASIO to be able to monitor the entire Australian Internet with just one warrant. […]

CYBERCULTURE: Study shows Internet attacks against Jews have risen this year

by Rachel Ogbu   The Prague’s Jewish community has said its registered an increase of attacks against Jews on the Internet in the last two years. Attacks ranges from the incitement, support and justification for killing Jews to their demonization, denial of the Holocaust, and the de-legitimization of the state of Israel. In more detailed […]