Military Enthusiast Chidi Nwaonu, Analysis The Issue Of Boko Haram’s IED Campaign In 2015

by Chidi Nwaonu In an attempt to understand the techniques, tactics and procedures of Boko Haram, we take a look at their use of IEDs for the period 01 March 2015– 01 February 2016. This time period encompasses the successful Nigerian Valentine Offensive by 7 Div and 3 Div under Op Zaman Lafiya to defeat Boko Haram main […]

‘He’s an impostor!’: Nigerian military reacts to ‘Abubakar Shekau’ video

by Isi Esene The Nigerian military has reacted to a video reportedly released today by Boko Haram claiming its leader, Abubakar Shekau is dead. In its reaction, the military disclosed that it is studying claims made in the video to ascertain its validity. The military insists that Shekau was killed in the battle of Konduga. […]

He’s back! New video shows Boko Haram leader, ‘Abubakar Shekau’ alive

by Akan Ido Abubakar Shekau, leader of the deadly militant Islamic sect, Boko Haram has dismissed claims of his death calling it “propaganda”. Shekau, who the Nigerian military claimed was dead, appeared in a 36-minute video standing on a pick-up truck surrounded by heavily armed men. The video was said to have been made available […]