Open letter: Dear Boko Haram, attack our politicians, not us

by Tahir Sherriff Dear Boko Haram, First I must apologize for using the whole phrase Boko Haram, I hope you don’t take offence. That whole Jama’ (whatever) is really beyond me.  This is because in all the information provided about you, none has been able to truly describe you completely as to whom you really are, […]

Tunde Leye: Tin billionaires – Why Dangote and his ilk won’t thrive outside Nigeria

by Tunde Leye   “In Nigeria, we have billionaires who are worth more than the companies from which they are supposed to derive their wealth. We have people making billions from industries where their wealth does not correlate with the activity that such value should generate. How, for example, should someone make billions from cement […]