Seminar| Association For BME Engineers Explore How Brexit Will Impact Diversity in The UK Engineering Sector

Skills supply remains a major concern within the UK engineering and construction sector particularly post Brexit. Can the Engineering and Construction skills challenge be supported by diversifying the talent pool? The AFBE-UK (Association For BME Engineers) aims to unpack this issue at their annual seminar in October 2018. The seminar will not focus on the […]

Jollof Festival Takes Place In The UK Sep 29, 2018, Are you ready?

After exciting back-to-back Jollof wars in NYC and DC over the last couple of years, the Jollof Festival comes to the UK! by Rachel Ogbu Who will win the UK Jollof wars 2018?! EAT your way through the best Jollof rice dishes the UK has to offer at the annual Jollof Festival. Organisers have challenged the […]

Q&A with Funke Adeniji: Pharmacist Turned Health Guru Exposes The Truth about Health

Interview by Rachel Ogbu Funke Adeniji is a woman on a mission to change the perception of healthy living within the African Caribbean Community in the UK. It is this mission that has led her to write her first book ‘The Truth About Health Exposed’ in which she hopes to inspire and empower people from […]

immigration in the UK

Is There Too Much Immigration in the UK? Watch Africans in London answer the question –

Immigration in the UK has taken centre-stage, especially as the country debates the European Referendum. So BattaBox wanted to find out what people from Africa – who either their parents or themselves have immigrated to the UK – think of the debate. “I think we’re better off for immigration – the country feels richer,” says […]

By the way: In his shoes (pt.7)

by Olaniran Adedapo-Aisida

Read part 6 here

My dad always told me not to judge a book by its cover. But still, anytime a call comes through, and the person at the other end of the phone speaks, I immediately draw a picture of what the person might look like; buff or butters; coke bottle or orobo; fresh or phresh. And the next 20 seconds of the call I’m determining if (s)he is nice or nasty; calm or fiery; literate or dumb. Read more about By the way: In his shoes (pt.7)