Homecoming & Tour: Belvedere Vodka And Celebrated Visual Artist, Laolu Senbanjo To Unveil Limited-Edition Bottle in Nigeria

Highly-acclaimed visual artist Laolu Senbanjo is coming home, this time in collaboration with premium vodka brand, Belvedere. Just coming off the launch at New York Fashion Week, where Belvedere unveiled the stunning limited-edition bottle that Senbanjo designed. The award-winning visual artist, musician, and activist will be part of a series of events in Nigeria this […]

From The Motherland: Ghanaian Visual Artist Recreates Beyoncé, Rihanna, Drake & More

by Rachel Ogbu Visual artist 26-years-old Dennis Owusu-Ansah has taken portrait looks of some of the biggest artists in the world and reworked them into a very native African context. Beyoncé in Maasai jewelry, Rihanna an Isicholo (a South African Zulu hat,) Nicki Minaj in kente print, Ansah who’s is based in the Bronx showed us what these talents would look like dressed in traditional African gears. “I’ve been […]