Tanzania: Nearly 200 new students disappear in Loliondo

Agbela Jessica

Apparently, Nigeria is not the only country dealing with the issue of missing girls. In Tanzania, the Soitsambu Secondary School in the Loliondo Division of Ngorongoro District was planning to enrol 390 new students this January, but until now only 200 of them have reported while 190 others have mysteriously gone missing.
The Arusha District Commissioner (DC), Mr Daudi Felix Ntibenda, who has just visited the Loliondo and Sale Divisions of the District issued an ultimatum to all parents in the precinct to ensure that the ‘lost’ students have been found in the next two weeks and report to school by February 1st this year or drastic measures will be taken against them.

Mostly resided by Maasai Pastoralists, Ngorongoro, which is the largest out of the seven districts of Arusha, has been notorious in forcing potential female pupils into early marriages and authorities here suspect this could also be among the reasons behind the ‘sudden’ disappearance of the students.


Photo Credit:in2eastafrica

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