”The Ghana vs. Germany game is the most watched World Cup match … ” – GeoPoll

by Lily Rashida

GeoPoll, the world’s largest real-time mobile survey platform, has released data on the ongoing World Cup showing which matches have attracted the largest viewership in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nigeria.

Using their recently launched media measurement service, the company found that the Ghana vs. Germany game was the most watched World Cup game in Ghana so far, with 3.7 million viewers, 27 percent of total adult TV viewers in Ghana (This game was also rated the highest-rated non-US game for ESPN since 2006).

Other findings from the data released by GeoPoll include:

  • 24.5 million adults from the countries surveyed (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) watched the Ghana vs. Germany game, making it the second most popular behind only the opening Nigeria vs. Iran game.
  • More Nigerians watched the Ghana vs. Germany game (15million) than the Nigeria vs. Bosnia & Herzegovina game (10.6million).
  • In the 5 countries surveyed, viewership for the World Cup has been high, no matter what teams are playing. The earliest games have had particularly high viewership even when African teams were not playing: since the start of the World Cup, at least 17.5 million adults across Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria have watched part of the first game played each day.


Post Author: Y! Editor