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Another win for white people in Africa

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa shakes hands after addresses a meeting attended by farmers and businessmen from the Zimbabwean White community ahead of this month's elections on July 21, 2018 in Harare. - The seizure of white-owned farms during the era of the former leader Robert Mugabe, triggered hyperinflation across the country with the GDP nearly halving between 2000 and 2008 -- a decline described by the World Bank as the sharpest contraction of its kind in a peacetime economy. The July 30, 2018 vote is the first without Mugabe since the country's independence. (Photo by Wilfred Kajese / AFP) (Photo credit should read WILFRED KAJESE/AFP/Getty Images)

News that President of Zimbabwe, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has approved the compensation of white farmers in Zimbabwe shocked the country’s citizens beyond words. Basically some 3,500 white farmers will share a compensation pot of $3.5bn (£2.6bn).

This move is not only coming at the expense of indigenous farmers of Zimbabwe, but it also feels like a slap on the face of the soldiers in the past who fought against white supremacy and a right to their land.

Are women better leaders?

With the kick off of the General Presidential elections in Tanzania, the daunting issue of women’s representation has come to light yet again. The idea that a woman may become the President of the country looks to be, as usual, unpromising. This has raised the question of whether Africa is missing out on the opportunity of a prosperous overhaul of reform by denying women the right to lead.

There is need to revisit the anti-social media bill in Nigeria

It’s a bit of a paradox to think that a country that claims to be democratic would infringe on the right of its citizens to free speech. Taking an in depth look into the anti-social media bill suggested by the parliament in Nigeria, you can see just how desperate the Nigerian government is in trying to escape public criticism, and an uproar of any form.

Mali on egg shells following its Presidential coup

Like many other states across the world, who have had an exact or similar situation Mali is currently experiencing, with the removal of its former President, it has become paramount that Mali, makes its next move its best move. For a number of external influences, they believe that the best part to administrative success rather than to revert back to political crises, would be to look into the option of a free and fair election process. Otherwise, the state of affairs in the country may degenerate.

Dider Drogba in politics

After an illustrious career in football, it is only natural that an athlete explores other career avenues outside the pitch, be it related to the sports or not, and for former super star striker, Didier Drogba, a career as president of the Ivorian Football Federation (IFF) seem an excellent choice. Unfortunately his candidacy for the position was invalidated by the electoral commission of the body, and Drogba is now seeking aid from FIFA itself to step in.



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