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Earth’s Deepest River Conceals an Evolutionary Mystery + Other best reads of the week

Each week, we round up the best writings from across online platforms. These rise above regular reportage, highlighting current issues, the people and the continent – Africa.

Here are the ones that caught our attention:

The heat this time

This movement of the Fulani people, generally perceived as political does not tell the full story. These nomadic cow breeders are a displaced people. They are being driven away by the scorching sun and heat waves from their hitherto comfort zones.

Netflix’s ‘Queen Sono’ premieres

Other themes include corruption as well as much James Bond-style action and, like the fictional British spy, Queen Sono does not always play by the rules. Reviews so far have been mixed, but most point to how refreshing it is to see a story that is set in modern-day Africa with a central character who is African.

Earth’s Deepest River Conceals an Evolutionary Mystery

The Congo River runs for 2,500 lazy miles through Africa’s equatorial basin, coiling like a snake through the jungles of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Then, 186 miles from the ocean, it drops into a dangerous series of gorges, sinking 12 feet every mile…

A Kenyan Painter Casts a Critical Eye on China’s Role in Africa

The work of a Kenyan artist and painter, Michael Soi, the collection “China Loves Africa” questions the guiding principles of Beijing’s engagement in Africa, scrutinizes the role of leaders on both sides in shaping the relationship and examines the consequences for ordinary citizens.

The Ethiopians returning home to start businesses

About half of those displaced Ethiopians have found new homes in the US, particularly in Washington DC, which boasts a huge, thriving Ethiopian community. Abiy Bister owns an Ethiopian restaurant in Washington DC. He hasn’t seen his homeland in almost two decades, but now he is considering returning to Ethiopia to start a business there.



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