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Accra has these tour sites too

Accra is a big city, and the first that our mind leans to when you think of Ghana. It is one of the most visited in West Africa during the holidays, and that doesn’t happen for no reason.

Ghana boasts of internationally recognised events in December, including Afronation, Afrochella, both which take place in Accra. But, if you’re ever in Accra whether for the events or not there are amazing attractions that makes the city a fun place to be.

Kwame Nkrumah Park

This is a beautiful park in the heart of Accra with a museum that educates on the history of the country and leaders. The serenity of this place is beautiful and picture friendly.

LEGON Botanical Gardens

This LEGON Botanical Garden is located in LEGON and is a good place for fun lovers, as the place is filled with various activities from high rope courses, rope climbing, boat riding, canopy walk, bird sighting and lot more. This place is good for tour groups and the activities here are designed for everyone. One of the most talked about activities is the high rope course Which is about 30 feet from the ground and are suspended between large wooden towers which provide very nice views of the park and beyond.

Breakfast to Breakfast

This is a popular restaurant in the city. Just like most restaurants, this place sells delicacies that are widely known but with it’s beautiful space and deserts and averagely priced meals it’s a go to for a lot of people.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

The Aburi garden offers aesthetic and spiritual experiences for different people. The garden covers a total land area of about one hundred and sixty (160) acres. However, it is only three acres that have been developed and the remaining serving as a botanical reserve.

On entering the garden, the first thing you see is the lined up palm trees on both side of the road leading to the car park.

The silk cotton tree which was said to be one of the biggest trees in Africa is also at this garden. There is a crashed helicopter in the middle of the garden which was the first helicopter in the country and was a gift from the Queen of England.

The abundant life of different species of birds and butterflies makes it an ideal place for you

Black Star Square

Black star square also known as Independence Square, which is by the Accra sport stadium was completed in the year 1961 and commissioned upon Queen Elizabeth II state’s visit to Ghana. It’s a site for Ghana’s Independence Day parade and travelers are known to go here for pictures.



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