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Ghana startup launches app to counter COVID-19 + other tech stories across Africa

Redbird – Medical diagnostics distributor – has launched a COVID-19 Daily Check-in App and Symptom Tracker in its bid to counter the spread of coronavirus across Africa.

Accessible as a browser-based app via covid19.redbird.co, Redbird’s COVID-19 check-in app is a way for every person to self-report symptoms without needing to visit a healthcare facility and thereby aiding in social distancing.

These remain trying times all over the world, but we’re also seeing an incredible validation of everything we’ve built at Redbird and we’re not letting that slip. With limited testing resources, understanding where the risk is and how to reach those at risk is of great importance. We have been looking at how to support public health with the data and the COVID-19 Daily Check-in App and Symptom Tracker is one such way,” Patrick Beattie, CEO and Co-Founder pf Redbird, said.

The following are three opportunity areas opened up for innovative tech companies:

  • Telemedicine and Healthcare
  • Remote Learning
  • Grocery Delivery

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A communications shutdown in parts of Ethiopia is hindering access to the internet and phone services at a critical time for information during the fight of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ethiopia imposed an internet shutdown and communications blackout on January 7th, citing security concerns, blocking internet access and phone services in areas under federal military control – namely western Oromia’s Kellem Wellega, West Wellega, and the Horo Gudru Wellega zones. appsafrica



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