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#SòròSókè: Why you should be a part of the #EndSARS movement

The campaign against police brutality and irresponsible governance in Nigeria has been stealing all the headlines in the past few days. Series of protests have happened, celebrities have been amplifying the message with their influence, parents have started supporting their wards to attend protests and some state governments have bought into the movement for a reformed police force and total annihilation of the F-SARS.

So many people have told stories about their experience of brutality afflicted on them by the ‘disbanded’ F-SARS and the internet has sadly been flooded with hundreds of similar content. However, a few people are still silent about this issue – including many religious outfits – and here are some
reasons they need to speak up and join the movement in solidarity with Nigerian young people.

  1. It’s a peaceful protest. You wouldn’t be going against any moral, religious or cultural standings by being a part of this movement. There are no violations of any laws. Just disturbed Nigerians expressing their rights in their land.
  2. The numbers are necessary. The more people there are, the more effective the protests are and the slimmer the chances of agitators being harassed by rogue police officers. The power is in the numbers. Your country needs you.
  3. You can join from your home! It’s understandable that some people are not able to join the protests
    physically due to certain reasons, but they can make tweets and promote hashtags. Thanks to social media and internet media. You could also finance the feeding of protesters, help illegally arrested ones to be released and help fund ambulance/emergency services to be available to whoever needs them.
  4. Even after you grow much older and this generation stops being the most prone to police brutality, know that your children and generations to come will also walk the streets of Nigeria and might suffer
    all that we suffer at the moment if a change doesn’t happen. Do this for the future. Do this for your children. Do this for a better Nigeria.
  5. This has grown way beyond ending SARS and even police brutality, into Nigerians standing up for what they deserve and being united – regardless of tribe, gender, status and every other form of social sentiment. What makes these protests different from other ones in history is how much unity is expressed through them. You should join this movement to show your patriotism and solidarity to the

Now is the wrongest time to be silent or indifferent. Every hand has to be on deck in order for the necessary pressure to get to the powers-that-be and make them meet the #5for5 demands made by the youths. Now is the time to join your voice with that of the rest of the world and make Nigeria better. Now is the time for you to make a change.

Na person wey promote #EndSARS be patriotic Nigerian. No dey disguise. Sòrò sókè!

Itty Okim is a Nigerian entertainment writer and Gen Z socio-cultural promoter. He lives in Lagos and takes PR for breakfast, lunch and dinner.



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