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We thought you will like to know about The Boma – the cultural ‘Place of Eating’

Pure African experience! Let’s take you through it all.

The energy and vibe of The Boma (located adjacent to the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge complex) will captivate you before you go in. When you arrive, you’re greeted in the local languages – Shona and Ndebele, then ceremoniously attired in your “chitenge”, after which traditional dancers will welcome you. This is the time to use your cameras. You can also get a mini face paint. What you experience is a bombardment by African tastes, sights and sounds of a continent rich in culture and aesthetics. It’s partially open to the African skies and opens you up to the warmth and hospitality of Zimbabwe and it’s people.

You will now sit, and be invited to take part in a hand-washing ceremony and taste the local brew, before a four course dinner begins.

Specialising in a superb mix of Zimbabwean dishes, The Boma offers a four-course meal combining a mouth-watering choice of starters from the kitchen, soup from the camp-fire and a substantial barbeque buffet served on cast iron plates. They offer a wide variety of salads from the salad bar and to follow a choice of delicious desserts from the buffet area.

Your tastes will be catered for, effectively, at The Boma, as it has something for everyone. Imagine trying out a dried mopani worm – and be certified; just for proof.

The pseudo-festival will include Amakwezi traditional dancers, singers, a local story-teller and a Sangoma (traditional healer). After dinner, guests are invited to join in the drumming extravaganza. This is the highlight of the evening and you’ll be invited to participate in the drumming and dancing show with the renowned Amazulu drummers.

You want to experience culture and food in one piece? The Boma is just the place for you.



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