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The intertwined histories of the African American freedom struggle and Ethiopia’s war against fascism + Other best reads of the week

One of the most iconic battles in Ethiopian history, The Battle of Adwa, where in an upset, the undisciplined savages as they were described, defeated the Italians in a stunning show of resilience, has become one of those moments we attribute African liberalism to. This moment in history can perhaps serve as a blueprint for the global struggle against racism, as it was known to have inspired a number of African American liberation movements. The black race all over the world need to learn to support and draw strength from each other.

Zimbabwe – once more on the brink of collapse?

The back and forth case between three Zimbabwean activists, all women, and the Zimbabwean government has served maybe another reminder that the country is still under the shadows of the Mugabe leadership style. The women claim to have had their fundamental human rights violated as they were jailed on false charges and made to endure terrible living conditions, while the government is denying this accusation, stating that they are no more than defaulters.

The restrictions on personal care services are a form of gender-based violence against women

South Africa has faced a number of problems since the lock down began, not unlike the rest of the world. But one thing that seems to be particularly difficult for the people of South Africa to contend with especially the women is the restriction on personal care services, which has seen to a spike in violence against women by 500%.

Constructive anger! Yes, that is what Africa needs to beat Covid-19

“We are not margots” These were the angry words of President Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda. In a speech to his people, he poured out his heart, telling his people that the coronavirus that was projected to destroy Africa would do no harm, in fact it would only serve as a bedrock for the growth of the African people. His anger and passion is what this piece claims Africans need to overcome its indegenious adversity.

US/China tension creates opportunities Africa must seize

Reminiscent of the cold war, the current trade war between China and the USA are yet another opportunity for Africans to seize advantage and enrich its economy, while these two giants leave struggle for supremacy. We would be remiss to repeat the mistakes of the cold war, where African nations were no more than chess pieces for the super powers; USA and Russia.



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