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Are Ugandan authorities sincere arresting Omah Lay and Tems? |#FreeTems #FreeOmahLay

BBC Africa reported that the police in Uganda have arrested Nigerian musicians Stanley Omah Didia, popularly known as Omah Lay, and Temilade Openiyi, better known as Tems, for holding an unauthorised concert on Saturday night in the capital, Kampala. The event organiser, owner of the premises, three police officers were among the nine people arrested.

The authorities fear that the concert may have enabled the further spread of the coronavirus. Having been charged to court, their hope of exoneration will be that no one tests positive for the virus. But could it be that Omah Lay and Tems being foreigners was the reason for their arrest?

On understanding the times

Tems put out this tweet and it is obvious they had a swell time in Uganda.

Uganda has been volatile in the past few weeks as they prepare for their upcoming elections. Omah Lay and Tems and their management would have done due diligence before embarking on such entertain-mic mission.

The arrest: Hypocritical or sincere?

Political rallies and gatherings have been done almost all around Uganda and had issues. However, it seems hypocritical that the authorities in Uganda will be arresting Tems and Omah Lay for something their citizens are doing already. It seems rather confusing.

Check out these tweets:

What can we learn from this?

Omah Lay and Tems, alongside their management, must have been so excited about this trip and an opportunity to be in front of their fans singing their favourite songs but one thing we can learn from this whole situation is that being bold comes with its consequence, good or bad.



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