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#EndAnglophoneCrisis: What exactly is happening in Cameroon?

Not again!

They kissed their parents and siblings goodbye as they set out for school. Excited about the things they would learn. On their way to school, their imagination was filled the time they would get back home to see the loved ones they left behind. Walking through the gate of the school, running into fellow classmates, smiling and cracking a few jokes to themselves as they waited for their teacher to get to the class. And of course, they arrived early.

But now they are late.

We thought what was happening in Nigeria was the gravest thing happening when compared to all other things happening in the continent. Look at what is happening in Cameroon. 6 innocent primary schoolchildren were murdered while studying in their classroom in Kumba, Cameroon.

Heartbroken cannot explain this feeling.

What inspired this killing is something that needs to be looked into and investigated. The perpetrators of this act need to be brought to book and hopefully justice is served. This is appalling to say the least.

You’re not alone, Cameroon.



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