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Ghana News: The election, the registration and the Ewes

One would begin to think of a herd of female sheep on rampage and causing damage in Ghana. Or what comes to your mind when you see ‘ewe’ trending in Ghana?

Elections are coming up in Ghana and voters have been making attempts to register to be eligible to vote their next president later in the year. For something as important as voters registration, one would think that the process should be seamless. Maybe it is, but that’s not the case for the people of Ewe.

Apparently, they were initially stopped by the NPP thugs from trying to register, but after intervention by the NDC party the roads were cleared.

Most Ghanaians have no confidence in the electoral process to start with but with the restrictions and clashes happening, the percentage of Ghanaians with confidence is bound to drop.

According to a survey done by the MSI-ACI, a renowned Ghanaian market research firm, 50% of Ghanaians surveyed in the Ghana Election Poll showed no confidence in the country’s electoral system with the view that the 2020 elections could be rigged. However, 30% did not think so and the remaining 20% were not sure if the elections could be rigged.

On one hand, some citizens believe the Ewes are being used by the NDC party, but on the other hand, some believe that all Ghanaians deserve equal chances at the poll to vote for whoever deems fit.

But again, this is what happens when elections are close. The tension is obvious. Party candidates trying their best through any means to win but only one president will emerge.

Long live Ewe!



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