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#TFAAspotlight: Josephine Goodwyll’s Young At Heart Ghana is creating a future we all desire

Josephine Marie Goodwyll is a trained geospatial engineer and PhD researcher with experience and focus on spatial and data analytics. Her ability and dexterity in using digital platforms, in her engineering practice, fuels her passion as the founder of Young at Heart Ghana.

What else?

  1. Young At Heart Ghana is an ed-tech social enterprise championing the use of digital platforms to create exciting learning experiences for youth and children. In a world where technology is revolutionising the way we learn, work and play, Young at Heart Ghana focuses on providing children and youth, with special focus on rural and low-income communities, with digital literacy while guiding them to use these skills to discover practical S.T.E.A.M lessons.
  2. She is the founder an innovative group called “Team JESKI” – a team that creates useful technologically inclined products aimed at solving problems which everyday people face. Projects worked on include an Emergency Response Information System (ERIS) for hostels on University campuses.
  3. She believes in inculcating the interest in technology in young Africans right at their formative stage.
  4. Josephine’s team has spearheaded more than 12 technology outreaches organised at targeted rural areas in the Ashanti, Eastern and Greater Accra Regions in Ghana. The Technology outreaches have impacted thousands of school children in rural schools and have made a huge difference.
  5. The Computer Society in KNUST recognised her as the Icon of Computer Society in 2013.
  6. She was chosen by Tigo Ghana as a Digital Changemaker and was recognised by the Ghana Institute of Engineers awarding her with the Engineering Excellence Award in 2014.
  7. She was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize in Education, 2014, and has been nominated as one of the top 50 African young leaders championing change in Africa.
  8. She seeks to champion the extension of technology outreaches to other African villages and she dreams of an Africa driven by technical innovators.
  9. She currently plays the role of a director and international liaison, drawing in support and coordinating the team’s efforts on the Lab and Library on Wheels, maker-space and e-learning app projects.
  10. She is a member of BRIDGIT, a global network of women tech leaders, a Mandela Washington Fellow and Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Association.

Josephine Marie Goodwyll is the future!



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