Liberian women hit back against Ebola stigma

by Agbela Jessica The Ebola virus has killed more than 2,700  people in Liberia alone making it the hardest hit among the three West African countries most severely affected by the worst ever outbreak of the unrelenting virus. Many Liberians have fled the country and some immigrants, especially those living in the United States, have become victims […]

There is no Ebola patient in Kilimanjaro – Kenyan authorities

by Onimisi Raymond Kilimanjaro regional authorities have allayed fears of an outbreak of Ebola following reports that there was a patient at a Moshi Municipality dispensary. Speaking to reporters on Friday, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Leonidas Gama, Kilimanjaro Regional Administrative Secretary (RAS), Dr Faisal Isa and Regional Medical Officer, Dr Mtumwa Mwako denied the […]

World Bank: Ebola is crippling West Africa’s economy

By Onimisi Raymond The current Ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,600 people, according to the World Health Organisation. However, the number of cases could end up in “hundreds of thousands”, and estimates from the World Bank indicate that unless the crisis is quickly contained, the financial impact will be devastating. Reports from the World […]