Y!Africa Meets Designer Who Escaped Civil War In Sierra Leone To Launch Label In The UK

Born in the Eastern town of Kono, Sierra Leone, Isatu Harrison was raised by her entrepreneurial single mother with her 3 siblings. Whilst living in Kono, civil war broke out which put her community in danger. Her entire family had to escape from the civil war in Kono and moved to the capital of Sierra […]

Africa: Ebola infections cross 17,000 as CDC adds centers

Agbela Jessica   In a World Health Organization (WHO) report published recently announced that the number of people infected by Ebola. The virus that spreads through bodily fluids – has crossed 17,000. Of these, about 6,000 people have died and a majority of these cases are in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. On Monday, WHO’s […]

Not good: 5 people get infected with Ebola virus every hour in Sierra Leone

by Akan Ido Sadly, news according to ‘Save the children’, a leading charity organisation has indicated that five people are being infected with the deadly Ebola Virus every hour in Sierra Leone. Last week alone, an estimated 765 cases were reported in Sierra Leone, yet only 327 beds for Ebola patients exist in the country. […]

‘I did not cry when my mother died’: 11-year-old boy narrates touching Ebola story

by Akan Ido Victor, 11, Sheku (5 years-old, left) and Ibrahim (4 years-old, right) have just been released from the government-run treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone, after surviving the deadly Ebola Virus. They spent over three weeks at the centre where they lost their mother in the first few days. Victor, the eldest, said […]

Ebola: Death toll in West Africa rises above 3,000

by Isi Esene Death from the deadly Ebola Virus Disease has reached the 3,000 mark according to figures fro the World Health Organization (WHO). Latest figures from the organization indicate that over 6, 500 people have been infected by the disease in West Africa. The disease claimed its highest number of casualties in Liberia where […]

Ebola: Sierra Leone curfew is a success – Officials

by Isi Esene Sierra Leonean authorities have declared the nationwide curfew enforced to curb the spread of the Ebola Virus a success. The curfew which was largely observed in many parts of the country was called off at midnight on Sunday. Stephen Gaojia, the head of Sierra Leone’s Emergency Operations Centre told the press that […]

World Bank: Ebola is crippling West Africa’s economy

By Onimisi Raymond The current Ebola outbreak has killed more than 2,600 people, according to the World Health Organisation. However, the number of cases could end up in “hundreds of thousands”, and estimates from the World Bank indicate that unless the crisis is quickly contained, the financial impact will be devastating. Reports from the World […]

Sierra Leone confirms first Ebola outbreak

by Lola Adams

Reports from the World Health Organisation (WHO) say five people have died in Sierra Leone’s first confirmed outbreak of Ebola virus. This implies a new expansion of the disease which regional officials said had been brought under control. Prior to this outbreak, several suspected cases of Ebola were recorded in Sierra Leone earlier on in the West African outbreak, but they later tested negative for the disease. Read more about Sierra Leone confirms first Ebola outbreak